• Why should I buy your tent?
    Simply put, we offer the best quality grow tents for the money in the business. Sure, you could spend 2x more and get the same thing, but it won't increase your yield. 
  • How can you sell at 2x less than other companies that sell similar style tents?
    We only sell direct to consumers and do not sell to retailers. By cutting out the middleman, we are able to offer you the lowest possible prices.   
  • What is covered by my 12 month warranty?
    All warranty information can be found here.  
  • Does my tent come with the 12" height extension?
    Yes, all of our tents come with a FREE 12 inch height extension which is totally optional to use and can be removed/installed with ease.
  • What is the difference between your tent and a cheaper tent?
    First, our poles are bigger and stronger. All of our tents use an all steel frame with oversized poles. Second, we use 1680D mylar fabric, this fabric is 3 times thicker than what 99% of other companies use. For example, company V sells a 4x8 that weighs 50lbs, Ultra Yield's 4x8 weighs 75lbs, 50% more because of stronger poles and heavier duty fabric. Third, we offer a height adjustable design, which can really help the plants thrive.
  • What does the extra height actually do for the plants?
    Heat rises, so having the extra height allows you to keep your tent cooler and your plants happier. You can also grow taller plants, or even install racks and have 2 stories of plants in the tent.  
  • How strong are your zippers?
    We use the absolute strongest zippers in the industry. If for some reason your zipper fails, we will offer you a full replacement tent/skin.*  
  • I bought my tent from Amazon, should I contact them or you if I have a problem. 
    It's always better to contact us first to see if we can resolve your problem. They do not have replacement parts and would only be able to have you send your tent back for a replacement. We know how much of a hassle that can be so we will do everything we can to make sure you don't have to do that. In most cases, we will send you the replacement parts directly and you will not have to return the defective components.
  • Are you planning on any additional sizes or selling other equipment?
    We're always looking to add sizes and other equipment. If you have any suggestions please contact us and let us know what you want us to carry! We are working on some projects right now specific to grow tents and can't wait to share them with you!  
  • I have a question that has not been answered yet, how do I contact you?
    Please email us at ultrayield@gmail.com or create an inquiry from our contact page.